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Annual General Meeting & 5th Anniversary

28/02/2014 16:52

The Sourcing and Purchasing Club, one of seven clubs under management of the Saigon Times Club, celebrated its 5th year anniversary together with the Annual General Meeting on December 15, 2013 at Windsor Plaza Hotel.



From 160 members in early 2008, the club has grown to over 350 members who are purchasing and supply chain experts at international companies, hotels and import enterprises.
Huynh Cong Sinh, head of the club, said “In response to the economic challenges in 2013, the club aims to improve professionalism for its member through training courses, seminars on expense deduction, managing purchase and supply chain lines and choosing suppliers.” 

At this anniversary, the new Website of SPC Club which is sponsored by VIETSOLUTIONS Corporation also is launched to all attendees. With more features, people now could register online to become SPC’ member easily.

Beside that, contribute to success of the event are entertainment activities such as live show of children from Anh Duong School, wine tasting, charity activity etc. which hold the attention and interest of all audiences./.





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