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Thank you !!!

25/09/2015 18:25

Dear SPC members,

First of all we would like to thank all SPC members who always support  SPC activities.Many familiar SPC member names in Ho Chi Minh city, Binh Duong, Hanoi City...  appear & appear again in each event list of contribution.

Following the summary of Ms Bich Dao, our SPC treasurer, the result of our SPC contribution is quite great!Update at 5pm September 24th, we got  in cash 40,700,000 dong &  in kinds which is equivalence of 4,500,000. Thanks Ms.  Bich Dao, Van Ha for your spending time in collecting one by one email/SMS of allcontributions& registrations

Thanks Ms Bich Ha for your good negotiation with KFC to get special price & two chicken cartoonperformance. In addition,  once more wooden wardrobe for keeping blankets, slippers of pupils also was sponsored by Bich Ha’s friend.

We got 20 kids of SPC members to join the event. This is a great experience for our kids. Hope from this joining,  our kids shall overcome any difficulties might happen in their lives...

Thanks Mr. Nam and VIETSOLUTIONS team in preparation of nice gift packing, backdrop design & printing, lanterns & balloons decoration, 250 pack fresh milk, gathering school books & strip cartoons...Especially the initiative in playing roles of  ChuCuoi& Chi Hang show.

Thanks for the kindness  and valued support of Kim Khanh, Dinh Viet Company team  in providing FREE labor & material for renovation of all outdoor game equipment.

Thanks Mr. Quoc, Thien Quoc Company team in sponsorship of 110 toy gifts, big umbrella for outdoor games. We also thank Mr. Thuan, Quoc‘s friend who sponsors 1,000 note book for school.

Thanks Gabriel for your consultant, reminder and help to  bring paper lanterns from inBOX companymaking the event more excited.

Backdrop, lanterns, balloons are decorated. Mooncakes in individual box, 250 fresh milk packs, 110 toy gifts and 1,000 note books were packed nicely & ready for delivery...Magician Xuan Yen, 10 member-lion Lien Huu team, well-known SIDO clown, animal shaped balloons... are in order for performance tomorrow.

Hot news, the service lift of the school has been fixed and the yearly lift maintenance contract was signed by the school principal & EDEN Lift Company.


Last but not least, on behalf SPC committee, we would like to thank you all for the non-stop support to SPC activity.Yourgreat  effortis to confirm my previous email:

“One of SPC members isvery happy because of your kindness is not only pervasive to all SPC members but also to our friends, co-workers...”

See you all at the event tomorrow.

Huynh Cong Sinh


Sourcing & Purchasing Club

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