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Program Mid-Autumn Festival 2014.

29/08/2014 13:25

Dear SPC members,

How to forget our little friends at Pho Cap School that we organized successfully the moon cake festival for them last year.
After checking with Ms. Doan, director of the school, this year there is one to organize the festival for children so far.
This is the reason why the SPC committee have decided to visit again our kids there.
On behalf of Sourcing & Purchasing Club, we would appreciate if you give us a hand to bring the smile to our little friends there on this occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival.
Any contribution in cash, please contact Ms Phan Thi Bich Dao, SPC Treasurer, National Finance Director of Savills Vietnam, via SPC bank account:
Acct name: Phan Thị Bích Đào
Acct No.: 0071004135211
Bank: Vietcombank HCMC.

After transfer of your contribution, please inform Ms Bich Dao (0903909553) or PThiBichDao@Savills.com.vn for her record. We will buy above necessity from your contribution.
Contributions in kinds, please send directly to below address:
125/11 Nguyễn Cửu Vân. W17, Binh Thanh.
Ms. Bao Tran 0906613439

If you wish to attend the party and bring your spouse or any of your children with you, please  send your registration to Ms. Bich Ha: hantb@vn.ibm.com
Let us try to make these orphans have an enjoyable “Trung Thu” party, they will not forget…
16:00pm: Gathering our kids.
16:10pm: KFC Chicken Boy conducts some kid songs
16:30pm: Funny Magic Show by  volunteer
16:45pm: In House games.
SPC members will serve drinks during game time.
18:00: Dinner with KFC food
18:30pm: Lantern Parade
19:00pm: Good Bye.

Thanks for your kind attention & support as usual.

Huynh Cong Sinh
Sourcing & Purchasing Club

List Sponsors for Festival Update 04/9/2014:
- B/F from 2013 donation fund: 1.046.500
- Nguyen Huong Thao: 300.000
- Le Thi Thu: 500.000
- Le My Phuong: 1.000.000
- Dang Minh Chau: 500.000
- Vo Khoi Nguyen: 200.000
- Phan Thi Bich Dao: 1.000.000
- Phan Thi Thanh Huong: 1.000.000
- Nguyen Trong Huy: 500.000 + 2 thùng mì ăn liền.
- Huynh Cong Sinh: 1.000.000
- Gabriel Tan: 500.000
- Tran Thanh Nhan: 800.000
- Le Thi Tung: 500.000
- Pham T Anh Tuyet & Bluescopesteel team: 1.000.000
- Bui Mai Diem Thuy: 500.000
- Mao Nguyet Mai: 500.000
- Nguyen Ngoc Tram: 3.000.000
- Bui Quang Dung: 300.000
- Nguyen Thi My Ngoc: 500.000
- Nguyen Duc Thuan: 300.000
- MTQ giấu tên: 200.000
- Nguyen Thi Bich Ha: 500.000
- Luong Thi Duy Hieu: 500.000
- Dai Van Quoc: 500.000
- Bui Thi Van Ha: 1.000.000
- Le Minh Hai: 500.000
- Vu Thi Nhu Xuan: 500.000
- Do Minh Hoa: 500.000
- Tran Kim Thanh: 500.000
- Luong Thanh Nam + VIETSOLUTIONS Team: 6.600.000

Total: 26.746.500 VND

As part of our charity activities, for the past few years, we have been organizing, “Trung Thu” parties for various orphanages.
We are planning this year to organize it for Pho Cap School.
Pho Cap School was founded in 2001 by three Vietnamese teachers (Doan, Trang and Khanh) with the help of the city authorities & donators.
This school provides free education for the underprivileged children of Ho Chi Minh City.
The school was located in an old abandoned house which was refurbished entirely by the teachers themselves, with the help of volunteers and students from the local neighbourhood, and funding from voluntary contributions.
Until 2010, teaching at Pho Cap only took place for a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the early afternoon. In the long break between the two sessions, the children had to play on the road outside, and almost always had nothing to eat.

In 2011, a school canteen was opened to provide the children with decent food and to extend care throughout the day. Both the canteen and the kindergarten were funded by private sponsors.
Pho Cap School takes in children from poor, large or single parent families, as well as abandoned and orphaned children and children with serious psychological and socialisation problems (e.g. autism).
The school now serves over 110 children (16 from 4-5 years in the kindergarten; 45 from 6 to 10 years in the primary school; and 40 from 11 to 17 years in the secondary school).
(Sources from internet)
There is no stable fund for buying education aids, food and even living allowances for teachers.
The school need rice, cooking oil, sugar, instant noodle, dishwashing liquid, toothpaste…
More information about the school, please refer to links below:

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