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Lấy ý tưởng mang lại cái nhìn trực quan, hấp dẫn hơn cho người tiêu dùng cùng công nghệ màn hình thông minh tiện dụng, Samsung đã chế tạo thành công màn hình trong suốt

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Mid-Autumn Festival 2012

After 2 years, we back to Te Phan House where 50 disable orphans live to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Some familiar kids are still there. They recognize us very fast.

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A Memorable Mid-Autumn Festival Last Night!

Our kids at the Pho Cap School & our SPC attendants enjoyed the event last night. Ms Ngoc Doan, teacher said “This is a first time that pupils have a memorable Mid-Autumn Festival after 15 years”.

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Mid-Autumn Festival Event

SOURCING & PURCHASING CLUB MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL EVENT Time: 6pm Tuesday September 17th , 2013. Address: 340/5 Ung Văn Khiêm. W. 25. Bình Thạnh

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Mid-Autumn 2013 Festival for Kids (Binh Thanh) - Contribution List - Updated

Mid-Autumn 2013 Festival for Kids (Binh Thanh) - Sourcing & Purchasing Club Contribution List - Update: Sep 18, 2012

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Vietnam, a school for a better future

Dear SPC members, As part of our charity activities, for the past few years, we have been organizing, “Trung Thu” parties for various orphanages. We are planning this year to organize it for Pho...

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