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Recruitment Supply Chain Director

20/02/2017 17:21

As a SC Director, you are taking full responsibilities before the law and the BOD on the implementation of purchasing transactions in accordance with the laws and regulations of the company.

Advising decisions across purchase planning, warehouse management and transport of goods. Leading, managing, delegating and reviewing performance of Supply Chain operations. You will report to the Deputy General Director.
1. Management and administration
• To advise the BOD in the planning of materials purchase and supply to serve production operations. To organize the warehousing and shipping operations of the Company.
• To develop the drafting of regulations, procedures and policies of the management and coordination of purchasing in accordance with the provisions of the law as well as business strategy of the company.
2. Purchasing Management
• Perform analysis of market information in Vietnam and abroad about competitors; forecasting trends, and demand for commodities;
• Consider, propose and implement the purchasing of goods or services that meet the business activities on the basis of the BOD has approved proactively and effectively.
• Plan and implement operations to meet effectively the demand of goods at the request of the BOD or of sales in a timely manner.
• Rate the purchasing contract or the order in accordance with the provisions of the Company.
• Represent the company in negotiating contracts or arrangements; and monitor closely progress of the contract, payment to suppliers.
• Solve conflicts or issues from suppliers.
• Develop processes and manage suppliers in accordance with the company based on the criteria: capacity, product, delivery time, after-sales service, payment method, potential development.
• Maintain and develop good relationships with existing suppliers, often identify potential suppliers, building sets the standard for the evaluation of suppliers.
• Regularly assess the quality suppliers, propose changes to improve quality and efficiency.
• Check the quality and progress of production supply and business activities throughout the Company. Set out the measures to maintain and promote effective purchasing, improve business performance in each period.
3. Logistics and quality management
• Manage and control all in – out operations of goods, assets of the Company at the stations / ports / warehouses. Monitor the quality of goods.
• Manage the balance of goods. Actively propose and implement replenishment, allocation and transfer of goods in the warehouse ensures flexible structure serving business operations.
• Manage the receipt of goods in warehouse / terminal / port, customs clearance, consultations and delivery activities for guests.
• Building a system of transport units reputable contractors, good service and competitive prices in each region.
4. Manpower Management
• Develop job descriptions and KPIs for employees and regularly review and check to make timely adjustments when changes are needed.
• Assign work to staffs effectively, assess personnel competency, and plan the talent development.
• Seize the emotional feelings and aspirations of the employees to take timely measures to stabilize the ideological, psychological personnel.
• Periodically evaluate the objectives and results of the implementation of targets from which to build, propose measures to improve operational efficiency.
5. Coordination
• Create relationship closely with other divisions within the Company.
• Solve problems that arise in the process.
• Collaborate with functional teams in the recruitment and training of employees.
• Coordinate with other teams / CEO in building, deploying company culture.
• Direct the implementation of communication activities to build up those cultures.
• Propose constructively changes that to improve overall operational efficiency.
• Perform periodic reports as required or when requested.
Job requirements:
• Bachelor degree or higher with major in International Economics, International Economic, international business, export, import, supply management.
• 3+ years of experience as SC director, in which 2+ years of experience in managing purshacing from overseas. 
• Professional attitude with confidence, perseverance, enthusiasm.
• Being assertive, highly responsible.
• Eager to learn, to listen and to collect ideas, willing to comment, share and help colleagues.
• Foreign Language: English / Chinese languages with full proficiency skills
• Good generic skills: Communication Skills / negotiations; Time management; Data mining and analysis; Work independently / group.
• Good management skills: Conflict resolution; Encouraging and developing the capabilities of the employees.
• Deep understanding of professional knowledge: Mastering the import and export business, foreign affairs, logistics, international business, logistics, transport.
• Have a strategic vision, sensitivity to grasp the financial situation of the company's business and markets.
• Strong knowledge of products, sourcing, importing, inventory and delivery supply chain.
• Mastering in law of Taxation, Customs, Export and import of goods.
• The ability to solve many types of work, working with high intensity.


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