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Recruitment Manager SCM

16/09/2016 17:13

LEVEL: Manager
Working Location: HCM
Direct Supervisor: General Manager
A Supply Chain Management (SCM) Manager will be responsible for managing the SCM team in order to achieve the goals of company and department SCM Manager is also responsible for achieving key objectives related toSupply chain management, Order/Inventory management, F&B cost management and other SCM projects/tasks.
1. Supply Chain Management:
- Work with food supervisors of each restaurant and suppliers to select products that are in demand.
- Negotiate and manage contracts with suppliers
- Plan the best way to get goods from suppliers to distribution center then on to each restaurant
- Track shipments and stock levels using software
- Work with each restaurant to make sure they receive their goods on time and in the right condition
- Look at ways to improve supply chain networks monitor overall performance to make sure targets are being met
- Work closely with each restaurant and meet the monthly goal of food/drink and other restaurant supplies.
- Recruit, train and manage a team of supply chain staff
2. Order and Inventory management:
- Work closely with each restaurant and run and maintain a system to manage inventory and order items.
- Prepare forecasts and inventories for reports to the company's management team
- Thoroughly understand the order and inventory system and innovate the system to run the operation more efficiently.
3. Purchasing management
- Conduct a research on the price and quality of requested items to make the best decision for the purchase
- Negotiate and manage contracts with suppliers
- Work with the restaurant and other departments and understand the items in demand
4. Other SCM related tasks:
- Submit all the necessary report to the management team on time
- Update the immediate supervisor about SCM strategy goal achievement progress in a timely manner.
- Work with IT department and develop IT system for Supply Chain Management
- English: Advance level in speaking and writing
- Experience: At least 03 years in the SCM field of international company
- Strong leadership and problem solving skills
- Being independent, proactive, patient, high responsibility and willing to work under high pressure.
- Commit to the goals of leading SCM team in order to expand company business.
- Salary: 20,000,000 - 27,000,000VND
- Benefit: 13th month salary, lunch allowance, parking fee, others based on Labor law.
Candidates, who are interested in our career opportunity, please send your CV (attached 3x4cm facial photo) to the email: recruit.pizza4ps@gmail.com
Info Contact: Pizza4Ps Corporation
8/15 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe Ward, D1, HCM
Tel: 083 8229 240
Issued by: HR department
First come first served !!!

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