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Supplier Lifecycle Management

27/03/2014 16:45

 A Four-Phase Process that Changes the Rules



1.         Certify Suppliers All In One Central Place

*             Consistent on-boarding process for all suppliers

*             Recertification through-out supplier’s lifecycle

*             Upholds compliance and diversity requirements



2.         Monitor Suppliers Of Likely Adverse Problems


*             Proactive approach to risk management

*             Identify and anticipate challenges before they disrupt your business

*             Enable contingency or back-up planning with predictive insight



3.         Analyze Suppliers To Reveal Underlying Issues


*             Expand the visibility of your supply base with multiple dimensions for deeper analysis

*             Best-in-class dashboard of supplier performance and risk heat map



4.         Mitigate Supplier Risk And Take Remedial Action


*             Get to the root cause of supplier problems

*             Take the right course of action to address risk

*             Gain greater control and oversight of supply chain.

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